Saturday, September 18, 2010

Avocado -- come in from the cold.

I was shocked that it quickly adjusted to the terrific heat and blazing sun that we had all Summer.  I watered it every day, letting the water soak through and out the bottom of a huge planter I have on my back step.
in July
We've had some really chilly nights recently and I kept wondering how I would bring that plant in.  I didn't have the right container....and the huge, heavy planter outside couldn't be budged.  Besides, it has those holes that allow water to leak out the bottom.
Well, today, while out shopping, I spotted this plastic tub.  I just wanted something temporary in hopes of this plant surviving through the Fall/Winter and returning outdoors next Summer.  (I have my fingers crossed.)
So, with my husband's help, after transplanting it (and it had quite a root ball on it) we brought it in and placed it next to the sliding glass doors.
This way, it will still get the sun daily, and I am hoping for the best.
I will update pics of Ava if she survives and grows.

Health Through Hands

Well, my neck and shoulder have been killing me all week.  I have spent several nights heating up those bean-bag type scented pads in the microwave and sleeping on them, or walking around the house like a zombie with one perched on my shoulder.
Finally I admitted to myself that I needed someone who could put their hands on my muscles and know where the work needed to be done.
I made an appointment in a neighboring town at a day spa where I used to work.  I very rarely even go into that town anymore.  It just seems like things evolve in your life, and I'm usually headed in the opposite direction.
I headed out yesterday morning for my appointment with Sheila, who happens to still work there and I knew her as a fellow massage therapist back 10-12 years ago when I worked at that location.
I was amazed to turn in the street and see what had been a decaying, old, neglected house nearby, which we could see out the front window years ago.  It was renovated and looked charming, with new-looking landscaping included.  A nice thing to see when you round the corner.
I parked in the ole parking lot, which used to be a part of my life, and felt a little sentimental about it.  I left that job 10 years ago, as I needed to work somewhere that provided insurance at the time.
Much had changed with the interior of the spa.  Different products were offered for sale in the waiting area, with candles and other items all lined up on the shelves.  They walled off part of the reception area, and I remember people entering that area and looking over my shoulder years ago while I was logging appointments in the book.  I like the way it is set up now.
There was Sheila and another therapist, waiting for appointments.  We caught up on old times and compared notes before I entered one of the rooms, which haven't changed too much.  In other words, the same layout exists in the building, but all of the walls were painted differently and everything looked very nice.  The spa is under a different ownership from when I worked there.
Ahhhhh....I soon realized that it has been way too long since I laid down on a massage table, nicely heated, with soft music around and candles glowing gently.
Of course, I know all of the rules.  I shouldn't talk, just relax.  Of course, Sheila and I continued our talking throughout the massage; but it couldn't be helped.  I immediately thought that I should stay on that table all day!
She worked on the adhesions in my upper traps and neck muscles.  It hurt!  There was no way that it couldn't.  Basically, my muscles were knotted into a mess and I gave her the go ahead to work them out as deeply as she had to.  Normally, I prefer a relaxation massage (Swedish) which uses firm pressure, but never really hurts.  She worked and worked and I could have cried!   Not her fault, by the way.  I was already in such pain before I got there, that I knew any work would be painful.  But I bit the bullet and allowed her to do what she needed to do.
Obviously, I need to get more work done before I'll even be considered ready for just a once-in-awhile "maintenance" massage.  Even after I left, I felt like lying down and whimpering.
Then, in the latter part of the day, I began to realize that although sore, I was feeling the effects of the improvements that she had made.
I am promising myself to drink more water, which I certainly know is of great importance, and I will be going back for more work soon.
I had gotten away from the fact that this is so beneficial to a person's body, including range of motion and posture.
Aside from that, what a wonderful, peaceful time to relax and take a little time out of our hectic lives....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In honor of our 9/11 victims

Recent cookout

She's a determined competitor
Uncle Chad teaches cooking
One if by land, two if by sea
Little Xander is a good worker
We all had a good time.  This was the last hurrah before school started.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Comfort kitty

Recently, my little grandson had to make a trip to the ER because of a fall.
While he was there, he was the recipient of a "trauma teddy" that someone had knitted.  What a great idea to give comfort to a scared little kid.
Here's my 2nd one
I looked at it, and it was quite plain.  I wondered if that would be a good way to use up scraps of different colors of yarn.  His teddy was pastel blue and white.  You could use almost any colors for a stuffed animal, so I looked up possibilities online.
I decided to give one a try to see how labor-intensive it would be.  I have sent many newborn hats to hospitals in the past, and wanted to see if it was too time-consuming to make teddies.  With the many similar patterns online, I tried one and found that it was too big and used up too much of my yarn.  I don't want to go broke buying yarn to make teddies.  I mean the intention is there....but the money isn't.
So, after perusing the patterns, I whittled one down just a tad, and turned it into a comfort kitty.
The reason that I wanted to do this is because with the trauma teddies,  I noticed that the ears had a "cat" shape to why not just go with a kitty?
I think it's cute, but I put a little more detail in it, with change of yarn colors and the scarf, etc....
In any case, this is my first one.  And who could go wrong with a kitty?
Speaking of kitties, this is my grandcat, whom I have been babysitting this week:
Redd is 14 1/2 years old, an indoor kitty, and two weeks ago, we thought we were losing him.  He was vomiting up blood, and we still don't know the source.  He also had a fever and was prescribed an antibiotic.  We all prayed for him; but said "goodbye" also.
He bounced back and is eating, playing and just being his old, lovable self!  Thank the Lord.