Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looks like the end of the year is upon us

First, a shout out to my grandson, Markie, who was on the Christmas parade float with his team members.  They won the Superbowl and we are very proud of them!
Here's Uncle Chad with Taylor at the Superbowl.  Taunton Tigers won after a nerve-wracking game, and one of their players even got taken away in an ambulance!  But he was fine later on. Congrats to all.
Here's our little group near their Christmas tree.  They all got wonderful gifts and had a blast during Christmas.  Christmas Eve, we all went to the Cape to Auntie Rachel's home, where she had a great buffet and cousins ran around and it was all fun!

I like this picture of the Jewish Menorah.  Actually, I borrowed it from Facebook.  The lighting of the 5th candle is exciting; because it is at that time that the light overcomes the darkness!
Here's Ty Ty having some fun with me while I'm sitting at my computer.  He's about 10 1/2, or so we believe, and once the doctor got him all fixed up, he has become a happy and playful senior cat.  We LOVE him!

 Here are some hats I have sent out recently. 
The adult hats pictured on the left went to the Emergency Youth Shelter at the Pine Ridge Reservation in   South Dakota.  I just recently heard about how our first Americans are living out there. Please look them up online and see how desperately they are living.  Anything you can donate will be appreciated!
My neighbor knew that I was knitting and alerted me to another shelter need, in town where we live.  I made up some toddler hats for her to take over for them. (above)  Right now I'm working on warm scarves to share with the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Gently used clothing is also needed for all ages and sizes, and their school is needing books.  The situation on the reservation is difficult as far as people being able to take care of themselves or find employment.  Most are suffering from the cold weather.

At left is our little sweetie, all ready to go participate in the Christmas sing-along at her elementary school.

And last, but certainly not least, congratulations to the new Rhode Island graduates from the State Police Academy in R.I.
Pictured with the grads in the center, are MA State Police officers who attended the ceremony.
That's my son on the far right!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coffee Talk

Well, since this blog is called Needles & a Cup of Coffee, it's time to talk about java.
I have been using my beloved Cuisinart 12-cup coffeemaker for years now.  It's starting to sound "strange" like it's laboring to pump that water up and over the coffee grounds.
I went shopping and looked for Cuisinart, seeing that I really liked that brand.
This time, I chose a 10-cup because I thought would be sufficient for us.  Also, this one had the stainless steel carafe, which is a thermal carafe.
Well, the first thing I realized is that I couldn't see the brewed coffee dripping into the carafe, so when I removed it to pour into cups, the filter was still full of water, waiting to drip down.  So there's a no-see issue there.(No, I didn't think I would see it drip through the stainless carafe....but when it signaled that it was done brewing, I thought it really would be "done" brewing.)
I DID like that the side of the coffee maker had the little clear tube which indicated how much water you had poured into the machine. I didn't have that feature on my other one, and I do like that.
In any case, the coffee, using my same measurements of coffee per cup of water, came out quite WEAK.  I did not like it at all.
Overall, it was just not comparing to my old coffee maker, even though it was the same brand.
I am returning it tomorrow and getting a refund.  I already went online and ordered one just like my old fave, from the Home Depot site, which offers free shipping, too.
So, in several days, I should be enjoying my new machine, with my old, great, dependable coffee taste!  Can't wait!