Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Karate Man, Mark

My son-in-law, blackbelt Dr. Doherty.
You'd better believe that I do whatever he says when I'm in HIS chair!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm on a knitting roll! (Or maybe it's because I was in with a cold...)

Well, today is Thursday, and I finished two items since last weekend.
One was a keyhole type of scarf, made with the great yarn that my online/now-in person friend, Laura gave me:
I found that taking a selfie aimed at your neck is not the easiest thing to do.  But in any case, here's the finished product.  Nice and warm and cozy for the New England winter.  
This was the first time I made a keyhole type of scarf, so I checked with Ravelry and found a lot of patterns there.  It really was simple to do, and the pretty colors in this skein blended nicely.  Thanks, Laura!

Next, I was in nursing a cold this week, and I got my needles going on another comfort shawl.  We had quite a stack at our shawl group; but it seems that our stack is getting diminished quickly, as there are names submitted of people who need a little comfort and prayers because of  illness.
Here's one which I found online.  It has a cross on each end, but I found them to be rather small, so I tried to highlight them a bit with some little, pearlescent beads I had from a dress that I had made for my granddaughter.  I also decided to make a chunky fringe at the bottom, with the fringe a little more spaced apart than I have done in the past.
Again, the color isn't exactly true when I use my camera, along with indoor lighting in my living room.
This yarn is considered a "berry" color.
Prayers for healing and comfort go with each shawl our group sends out, although we may not know who the recipient is.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hot off the needles---

Well, here is a picture of the comfort shawl I just completed.

I used a pale yellow baby yarn for this one.  Because I only used one strand of this 3-ply yarn at a time, it took me longer to complete.   However, I must keep those hands busy, as we seem to have a great need for these shawls.   
I hoped our shawls would be appreciated; but I was surprised to hear at our last meeting that some of the recipients have treasured them and even teared up, upon receiving good wishes and prayers from others.  It really touches people's hearts.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Next thing you know...they'll be driving...

How do these babies all of a sudden start getting bigger and having a life outside of us holding them, watching them and spoon-feeding them? 
Middle School

I think it happens while we sleep.
4th Grade
Everyone is getting bigger and we are getting older.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meeting someone online....

Laura & I have the exact same blood type!
Our first meeting was at an Irish Pub
Coffee chicks
We've heard all of the warnings.  We've gasped at how people meet up and then are disappointed, scammed or kidnapped.
But when it comes to knitters, there's not much to worry about. (Even though they carry needles with them.)
Laura H. from N.Y. and I have been talking via Facebook for several years now.  We had a couple of things in common, which  made us comment on one another's posts.
Well, on their way back home, they graciously stopped after leaving Logan Airport in Boston and we had lunch together.  We now have more in common, and it seems like we share the same type of values, with both of us having been blessed with SUPER kids.  We love knitting and we also love animals.  (But we already knew that.)  Hope we can spend a day together sometime and not just a luncheon date.   Thanks to her patient husband, Ken, they changed their route to go home and we finally found that we aren't pictures on Facebook, but REAL people!  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Whew! Dodged a bullet that time!

So, I was waiting for my grand kids to come over here on Halloween night.  This is the meeting place!
They set out from here, circle the neighborhood, then return here to check out their haul.
I was careful with my candles here and there, because I didn't want anyone to bump into them, or risk little sleeves going near them.
As I waited I worked a little more on the recent comfort shawl I am making.  Of course, I always have my trusty mug of coffee near me.
Well, the kids arrived and I got up to greet them.
Xander was in the house for about 30 seconds and spun around, bumping his plastic candy bucket into my coffee cup!  YIKES
It wobbled and spilled a little on the magazine...but miraculously, it didn't spill on the pale yellow yarn that I was working with! 
Whew!  Was I ever happy!  That would have been very discouraging to have coffee on my knitting project.