Friday, October 31, 2008

I find genetics to be mysterious......

Do you think my grandchildren resemble their Dad at all?

Just Keep Walking

I have to admit that when I woke up this morning and saw how cold it was I thought of skipping my walk.Then I went online and I looked at my blog, among other things. When I saw the beautiful Fall photos I had posted, I knew immediately that I wanted to get out there to our favorite route. Although I had walked somewhere else this week, I hadn't walked with the "group" for a couple of weeks.
I quickly shut down the computer and jumped into the shower and got myself over to our meeting spot. Things have changed in New England lately.
The leaves are quickly scampering off the branches and there is a cold, Winter warning in the air.
Although we all had nylon jackets on, as we walked we longed for scarves, hats, anything! We were COLD!

Becca and I complained that our noses were freezing. Lori commented that she had a scarf, hats, gloves, everything in her car. That didn't help us at the time. Becca fondly thought of her scarf hanging on the doorknob at home. Ahhh...thoughts of the bright, hot, sweaty days when we first began our walks....But the sun was out and warmed us and we walked briskly.
Soon, I unzipped my jacket and realized that I didn't need the gloves anymore. Lori had pulled those out of her bag of tricks and handed them to me when we started out.
This is the HONEST truth: When we completed our walk --we felt like THIS!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Route for Walking

A horse farm

We cross over a bridge
Beautiful Fall colors

I remembered my camera this morning when I met with the other members of our walking club. In addition to looser clothes and better lung power, we are the recipients of this gorgeous view.
Here are some of the things that we pass by as we go for our October walks. Does it get any better than this in New England? (click on each photo to drink in the beauty!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The ever-changing walking club

Well, first off, congratulations to Kellee, who did show up for walking!
Unfortunately, it was a day I took off, because of recovering from a fever last week...wouldn't you know it?
But today, although Kellee didn't come with us, Heather met us and unloaded her stroller and baby out of her car to complete the walk with us. She also had been experiencing a fever last week, so it was a first day back for us to resume our exercise. What's going on with these fevers? I think things are going around at school.
Although the sidewalks leave much to be desired, she maneuvered the stroller up, over and around obstacles and kept up with the rest of us. Baby B. fell asleep by the time we were done. I guess it's the crisp Fall air that did him in.
Suddenly, we saw a hot-air balloon up ahead of us, which was obviously descending to the ground.
Heather looked at me and said "Did you bring your camera today?" Unfortunately, I hadn't! Of all days.
We then were approached by an elderly couple in their car, pointing the way to where the balloon had landed, in someone's back yard. (I think they thought we were all trying to locate it, rather than just doing our walking.) My daughter said "I guess they were so excited -- they just had to tell someone. :-)
So, as we continued on, we saw that the bright, multi-colored balloon had landed in what was apparently farm land in back of someone's home.
We could see the chase vehicle there and evidently the farm owners had gotten themselves an exciting balloon ride that morning. This brought back memories, especially since two of the walkers were little kids when a balloon almost accidently landed in our neighborhood one summer.
It was one of those hot, stagnant-air days. We awoke on a Saturday morning to an extremely loud WHOOOOOSH sound, over and over. We couldn't believe it when we looked out the window! There, almost touching the wires on the telephone poles on our narrow street, was a hot-air balloon. The operator was trying and trying to keep the thing afloat as he fired it up repeatedly. We were excited and worried at the same time because we figured it would land in the wires. Finally, just in the nick of time, he got that thing to rise above enough to drift away from our neighborhood. I think the air was just so still and he needed a breeze of some sort.
OK, OK. I will make sure my battery is charged and I will bring my camera on the next walk. I guess I should learn from this to always be prepared. We usually find that it's easier walking for miles without carrying things; but at least the camera is small. Don't leave home without it, bloggers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's on my Needles

I just completed this for my little Markie. He was down with a virus this week and a fever. He had the chills and oh, how I wished that I could have taken it to him to keep him comfortable. However, my own fever this week prevented me from being near him at all. But, I will bring it over soon. His new room is almost ready for him, and he will have a nautical theme, so, as fate would have it, this little afghan will compliment the colors in his new room. I had made one for my little girl, so I wanted to make sure he had something from Nana, too.

And here's what I am now making for baby Xander. I got this simple pattern from the internet and basically it consists of K2, YO, K2tog straight across, ending with K2.
The other rows consist of just plain knitting across. I find this pattern easy to work with, and will allow for a light blanket with some holes in it; but not so much that it isn't warm and cozy. Xander, Nana is waiting for you! This is the knitting that I should have had with me at my doctor's appointment. (see below)

The Country Doctor

I had a doctor's appointment today, just for a regular check up. This was my first appointment with Dr. R.
When I was given the sheets to fill out by the receptionist and settled into a comfortable chair I noticed a patient talking to others about how long she had waited for her appointment. She mentioned that although she loved this doctor, her boss would never go for the fact that she needed 3 hours off from work to go for an appointment. The others chimed in with how they loved this doctor.
She asked "Are you a new patient?" and I nodded as I filled out the forms. Then she said something like "Oh, you'll see....." Suddenly, her name was called and she went in, ending the discussion of how long the waits are.
I also had my name called shortly and went through the first routine with the medical assistant -- you know, blood pressure and medical history, etc... Then I waited. I looked at a few interesting magazines; but kicked myself for not bringing my knitting with me. Yes, I waited in the exam room for about 45 minutes before the doctor appeared. It was long, but I had plenty of time, therefore, I was not offended.
She sat with me, typing my answers to her questions into her computer, complaining that she had hoped that they wouldn't go all computerized with the medical records until she retired. This surprised me, as she didn't look to me like she was remotely even waving at retirement age.
She was human. The last doctor I had been to, was fast and efficient, who, perhaps had worked on an assembly line in the past.
Dr. R., while typing in all of my different jobs, careers, etc... then stopped and told me about her jobs while she was going through college.
One was putting up sheet rock and doing other manual labor which most women have never mentioned to me before. I was surprised and happy to hear that someone else had survived all sorts of money-making stints on their way to the present time.
She sat there and chatted with me about her husband (a nurse), her access to a flu shot, where he worked (years ago) because she was a family member, the subject came up. She told me the story of how that year she drove for quite a way (to where her husband worked) to get the shot because they were in demand that year, but convinced them to just give it to her "to go". She then drove another two and a half hours to her elderly father (in his 80s) and administered it to him; because she felt that he needed it more than she did.
I got a flu shot and a pneumonia shot after that.
It was a nice chat. I was well aware of the other patients waiting for her time; but somehow, it didn't bother me. I had waited my turn, and wasn't this really how much time your doctor should spend with you? You may not agree, but in an age when you are rushed in and out of an appointment like a number at the deli counter....I found this refreshing! It made me see something wonderful about this doctor and I will definitely go to her in the future.
I will also, wisely bring my knitting.
P.S. She was ecstatic about my walking club, expounding upon all of the wonderful benefits!