Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another adventure

 So, my friend, Sheila, who lives in Orlando came back to town today and we went to lunch.  We decided to try Canova Italian Restaurant in Attleboro, across the street from the train station.  The food and wait staff were excellent!
Just as a man was leaving, Sheila stopped him, because she realized it was her Uncle Ed.  What a surprise for both of them!  He sat down and chatted with us for awhile, and it was nice hearing his stories of years gone by.
Then, we walked across the street, near the train station to investigate this little shop called The Ugly Dog.  Hmmm.....I actually thought it was simply a bookstore; and I was thinking of used books with "dog-eared" pages.  Actually, though the proprietor, Kim told us it was named after her dog, who was a rescue. (He became more beautiful as time went on, she claimed.)
When we first walked in, we realized that we had stumbled upon a nice little gift shop, in addition to a book store.
Kim showcases the work of local artisans and Sheila bought a few gifts for relatives, while I had my mind set on a silver bracelet made from old-time silverware.  Possibly spoons, possibly butter knives.  I don't know; but I was attracted to one bracelet which was market 1953, indicating the era of the silverware used.  The neat little bracelets snap together on your wrist with two tiny magnets that are more powerful than they look.  I couldn't resist, and had to remove the tag and wear it out of the store.
If you're in the Attleboro area, find the train station, and just below that, you will see the Ugly Dog in a tiny plaza underneath the station parking lot! 
We will definitely go back there again.