Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hannah Montana would have been proud!

beautiful cake
exciting games--------The music stops!

<--future stars / lots of great food

It's GREAT to be
5 years old!

boys with BLING

table with "makeover" supplies

Hannah was there in spirit
Bags to take home included Hannah t-shirts.
(Does it get any better than this?)
Today, our little girl celebrated her birthday with family and friends....with Hannah Montana looking on (via a life-size cardboard stand-up). Everyone had makeovers and looked glamorous to be sure!
The food was plentiful and delicious. Somehow, the word must have gotten out--because a lot of the gifts that T-Dogg received were of the Hannan Montana theme. How this young girl has become a sensation with the little 5-year-old crowd, I'll never know. In any case, all guests had a great time playing "pass the microphone", which is like "timebomb", but more politically correct. You have to pass the mic from one to another and not get caught when the music stops. The tension escalated with musical chairs and believe it or not, the birthday girl lasted till the end and captured the win. When it was down to the last two contestants, it almost looked like a tie, but somehow the birthday girl won. The Hannah pinata rained down candy for all, and big brother performed special magic tricks. When we left, the birthday girl was playing with her new toys, her eyes looked tired and her hair was a bit a bit wind-blown.
I'd say that means her party was a success.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good people, good food, great gifts

so many gifts
Will he look like this big rattle?
for little feet
soothing rain forest sounds
some spoons, too

<--cute favors
beautiful guest of honor
brunch buffet
great selection

beautiful cake & diaper cake by Becky

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's on my needles now...

This is what I worked up last night. I'm using size 10 1/2 knitting needles and doing a plain knit stitch. You could knit, purl, use any stitches you want and this furry yarn just won't show any errors. I am working on 13 stitches across.
I think I'll make this narrow scarf extra long. That just seems right.
I bought this Paton's yarn at one of those job lot stores, which may mean that it wasn't a good seller, I really don't know. However, what drew me to it was that upon inspecting the skeins at the store, I found that this one feels exactly like my cats' fur!
I was sure it had some sort of fur included in it, but the label says that it's 64% nylon and 36% polyester. It is so soft--I can't wait to finish it and have my "cat scarf" around my neck.

Here's a New England landmark

Does anyone recognize this landmark, or have a memory to share?
I first remember going there about 19 years ago to a "classic car" night, which featured live music (from the 50s and 60s) out in the parking lot and "50-50 raffles". Cars from a bygone era were all lined up, row after row. Hoods were opened up for better viewing of engines. Many car owners posted photos on a board next to their cars, showing the stages of restoration that had taken place and/or trophies the car had captured in various shows. Lots of motor heads would go from car to car, talking to the owners and oohing and ahhing about the dual carbs, overhead cams and layer after layer of paint the cars sported. Discussions swirled regarding whether a car was "original" or had after-market parts. Some "numbers" matched and some were "made to match". (wink, wink, you motor heads know what I mean.) Observers and participants in these car shows munched on tasty onion rings, hot dogs or burgers as they surveyed the classic cars. Oh, and everyone knew better than to lean over a fender to view the engine while wearing a jacket. You couldn't risk having a jacket button or zipper scratch the paint!
Since then, it has been a favorite place for us to stop after soccer games and let the little kids have a cold ice cream cone after running all over the soccer field, which is just down the street. My husband said that the ice cream cone sign on the pole used to light up. Click on the photos to get a better look.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, the shower is coming up, and I
completed these two blankets for the baby.

End-of-season fun & landscapes near the soccer field

...sponsored by....
Another season of soccer wraps up.

Don't mess with THIS coach!

These are the pics you get when you hand your camera to a 4 year old. (Not too shabby!)