Monday, June 21, 2010

PawSox game

We went to a PawSox game Sat. night at McCoy Stadium in Rhode Island.
This is where the farm team for the Boston Red Sox plays and they were playing a team called the Columbus Clippers from Ohio.
They took the time to honor our local soldiers by putting up their pictures and names on the big screen for all to see.
The PawSox had only 2 for a score by the eighth inning and the Clippers had 6; but all of a sudden the Pawsox caught up and passed them by one run.  It was a good game, even though we were baking in the afternoon setting sun!  Happily, we were only 4 rows from the field!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last game of the season for Little League

Markie and Zach both got several base hits.  Their team really did well!
Great job, guys!

Friday, June 11, 2010

After the recital....

Our little dancer was a bathing beauty in her dance recital last night. 
A really cute part was when they sang along and cautioned everyone "Don't forget your sunscream".   Yes, that's how my granddaughter interpreted "sunscreen".  It was just too cute!
At right, she is pictured with Mom before entering the building and getting ready for the show.

Here she is after the performance, enjoying the accolades with her BFF.

 A dancer can get quite hungry and thirsty after a performance, so we drove to the McDonald's which was just a block away from the college where the recital was held.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OK...Here's the finished product!

We put the window boxes up under the bedroom windows the other day and today we bought some flowers from a country greenhouse not far from home.
I got out there, adding soil to the plastic liners inside the window boxes and tapping the plants out of their plastic pots when it began to rain.
Well, I couldn't let that deter me.
I got the planting done in the rain, then went in and got my camera.  I stepped outside to take a couple of pics even though it was really starting to come down.
It looks like the paint that we had mixed is a pretty good match for the shutters, so I'm happy about that.
My camera didn't do any worse for the raindrops and when I was satisfied with my arrangements, I poured some water on them to get them settled in.
Now I found out that I have to do some trimming of the bushes in front of the house, so that the flowers can be seen from the street.
That's for long as it's not still raining.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bring on the flowers

We've been admiring other people's window boxes lately and decided that we should put some on the front of our house.
A week or so ago we went to the unfinished wood store and picked out the window boxes and the necessary brackets to install them on the side of the house.
They sat in the garage, waiting for a few days.  Then my husband came home with the white paint for the base coat and had the blue mixed to match our front door and the shutters.
OK, I finally gave in after having two fans blowing in the dining room for a couple of days.  I closed up the house and put the central air conditioning on.  That seemed to speed up the drying process in all of this humidity.
 Now I have finished the project and happily we will install them under our windows today!  I haven't painted in awhile (except for bird houses) and although I enjoyed it, I just wanted it to be done after one coat.
However, I had to be patient because the paint and the wood are in charge of a project such as this one.