Monday, July 22, 2013

Another comfort shawl I finished

Nothing in particular with the pattern this time; I just used the seed stitch for a few inches. (K1, P1 and on the next row, use the same stitches, only opposite, knitting the purl stitches and vice versa)   Then I broke it up with a row of K2, YO, K 2 together, followed by a straight knit row.   That's about it!    I like to add a little something at the bottom.  Although I had looked in the fabric/yarn store, I resorted to using the little charms from a bracelet I have.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gardening in Massachusetts

Unfortunately, we have a very short growing season here -- but I do like to put together a little garden each year.  These pics are for Sheila, who made the request from Orlando, FL. --- here ya go!
The pepper plants grew from seeds that I saved while making a salad.  Rather than throw out the seeds I had scooped out from the green and yellow/orange peppers, I dried them out and saved them.

I am waiting on green squash (zucchini) and yellow summer squash.  Some Early Girl tomatoes are getting ready now, and I saw small tomatoes on the other plants, which will ready later.

I will explain my cucumber plants!  I invert the typical tomato cages that you can buy and instead of sticking those long, metal legs into the ground (that never works for me) I just use them upside down to let the cukes grow in and out and way up high.   I have learned from a couple of wild storms, to anchor them down at the bottom with a couple of bricks.  It works out great! 
The cukes aren't all over the ground, and it's easy to see which ones are ready to pick.

Love those tomato and cucumber sandwiches in the summer!

Here's what was just on my needles:

So, here's a pic of one of the comfort shawls I have made.

A group of people from a local church get together to create shawls which can comfort someone who is sick or grieving, for instance.

It gives them comfort to know that people who care about what happens to them are praying.
I found this pattern on the internet, and it was designed by Janie Lester.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mark me absent...

Yup, it seems that I've been absent for awhile.

Still here; but when the good weather rolls around in New England, I like to get out in the yard and cut trees and bushes, dig, weed, and put in my veggie garden.

That's what I've been busy with.

Also, we had a great time at the Cape Cod Canal area, visiting relatives and enjoying the beach, cooking out and the annual fireworks!

I think Facebook has taken the place of a lot of people's blogs...and I'm guilty of that.

I will try to check in here, which is a quiet, pleasant place.  Facebook has gotten to be a hotbed of political opinions and complaints in the past year or so.  Sometimes I've had enough.

I've been attending a church in Dighton, MA recently and found that I like it a lot there.
The first week I went there, one of the announcements was regarding their knitting, crocheting group.
I quickly joined up with these women who gather to make prayer or comfort shawls.

It's a really great idea and many patterns are given online.

They are presented to people who are feeling grief, suffering from an illness, etc...and it comforts them and lets them know that they are wrapped in good thoughts of healing and prayers are on the way for them.
I think that's a great use of your crafting skills!
Glad I'm a part of this.