Saturday, August 28, 2010

Generous people

Even though money is tight right now for a lot of folks, they reached in their pockets and gave.
My grandson was collecting for his football team yesterday and found the clue to getting lots of dollars stuffed in that can he was holding.  Being posted outside a liquor store on a Friday afternoon is the key, I think.  LOL
Actually, all kinds of people stopped and shared their money with him in an effort to promote something that is worthwhile.
He's also cute and carefully thanked the donors, calling them Sir and Ma'am.

------------------Look out, N.E. Patriots!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gone Fishin'

It was a great day for fishing today, so we took the grandkids to a place called Johnston's Pond in Raynham.
They didn't mind the worms that we used for bait, surprisingly enough.  They just seemed  very curious.
Yes, they actually did catch some fish -- 13 between them!
They were small, but so are the kids.  LOL

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More summer fun

Well, as you can see, Chuck-E-Cheese was our next stop where we played various games and won LOTS of tickets, too.  We enjoyed lunch there and the kids got to climb and ride the kids' rides.  They've moved things around somewhat and changed the place for the better.   We went to the Chuck-E-Cheese in South Attleboro.
After that, we spent part of the afternoon at the World War I park, which now features animals!

The Rehoboth Fair

Another place we visited this summer was the Rehoboth Fair, which isn't too far from where we live.
They had a lot of 4-H animals on display there and some rabbits and ducks for sale.
Large, small and all kinds of animals were begging for our attention, and hinting that they would like for us to buy some pellets of food and feed them. 
It was an extremely hot, humid day, but the animals, thankfully, were under a tent and safely in the shade.


Here's our precious little one after a recent trip to the emergency room.  He fell off the riding lawn mower, which was parked in the back yard.
He just loves to pretend he is driving and moves the steering wheel back and forth.
He is a great climber and this time the fall was not so soft.  He fell onto the crushed stone and has several abrasions.  The emergency room doctor used a glue to close the skin up in one spot, and the other injuries are fading quickly.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for his well-being when the word went out.

So much little time

I have noticed that with being on Facebook and showing pictures of my family and places that I have been lately, I have been neglecting my blog!
There are just so many places online one can chat, post their thoughts and also their pictures.
So, let's catch up: 
Here we are, heading out to another PawSox game in Pawtucket. This time it was a "me only" day for our grandson, who accompanied us.
We saw Spongebob, ate at the concession stand and got up many times, squeezing people's knees aside as we made various trips to the bathroom, food court and the souvenir counter.

We bought anything that our grandson wanted that day, even though we're on a budget.
After all, that's what a special day is all about!