Sunday, February 7, 2010


"If you want to leave your footprints on the sands of time,
be sure you're wearing work shoes."-- Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son

Today is my son's birthday! He is pictured on the right side of this blog, as a groom and as a MA State Trooper.
He was my first baby and led us into the sometimes confusing world of parenthood.
Because of him, I went back to the town park and swung on their swings again, bringing back memories.
I became aware of the Sesame Street characters because of our new son.
He changed our names and the names of my parents, while quietly shifting us into new roles in life.
He had those big blue eyes which made people stop me and admire him while we were out shopping in stores.He learned phonics at around 3 and was able to read newspapers and grown-up books at 4 1/2. He spent lots of time reading to his little sister and he also sat and read to kids in the neighborhood at about 5 or 6, when some of them were several years older than he was.
He always played with cars and trucks and he is still a "car" person; and in his work day, he drives an unmarked cruiser.

We are proud of his every accomplishment and we want to wish him a great day today.

I'm not giving away his age....but when he was born, I sat with him in my arms every afternoon and watched the Watergate hearings on TV. You'll have to figure that one out for yourselves.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot off my needles....mittens for icy days in New England

T-Dogg requested some pink mittens, so these are dark and light pink.
In the pic the yarn looks red, but it's not.
The kids posed at the bus stop today.
Even the baby had on a pair of thumbless mittens that I made recently. Today, T-dogg wore her purple ones.
I followed an online pattern as a guide; but made the ribbing about an inch longer than suggested. I thought it would be helpful on those cold days when playing in the snow to make sure no skin could peek out from the cuff of the jacket.
You could also wear the cuff turned up.
I was happy to come across a nice tip online for knitting the thumb part of the mitten. Most of the patterns called for knitting across and placing a marker where the thumb will begin. This, when the mitten is complete, leaves a trail of tiny holes in a row, separating the thumb from the rest of the mitten. Now, who needs extra holes in a mitten? Thankfully, a tip led me to this neat trick: Knit across the appropriate amount and use a single PURL stitch, rather than a marker. It not only alerts you on the next rows that you have come to the thumb area, for increases, but it means that the purl stitch blends right in and no holes are left there. p.s. This purl stitch is used on the knit side of the stockinette stitching. When the inside of the mitten is purled on the next row, I just purled right across. You'll spot the purl stitch on the right side again as you knit across, approaching the thumb area and you can begin your increases right after the purl stitch. (If you maximize one of these pics, you will see that the stitching along the thumb stays nice and tight without loose stitches or holes.)