Saturday, August 24, 2013

Drop-Stitch Pattern

While searching online for various patterns to make comfort or prayer shawls, I came across some interesting patterns for scarves.
I just repeat the pattern stitches across a much wider number of stitches and it works for a shawl.  (This one uses a multiple of 10 stitches, plus 6.)
This particular one is a drop-stitch pattern.
At first, it was a little trial and error.
After all of these years of being careful NOT to drop a stitch, after four rows of knit stitches, I began the pattern: K6,  YO, K1,  YO twice, K1,  YO 3 times, K1,  YO twice, K1,  YO, K6.
You can see that the YOs drop off the next row, (or I should say, I push them off with my finger.) while you knit across, and they make this open oval shape.
I just described the first row.  On row 5, the pattern changes slightly, by beginning & ending with K1, rather than K6.   There are 8 rows to this pattern, with rows 1 & 5 being the pattern rows.  All others are knit rows.    Begin the scarf or shawl with 4 knit rows, and end with 4 knit rows.  That's it!
I will post a pic of the finished product, which the pattern advises to be washed and blocked slightly to open up the shape of the dropped stitches.