Monday, December 31, 2012

Beautiful snow in Massachusetts

Our back yard
A dogwood tree in our front yard

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A day to blow out those candles----again

What's it like to be 66? 
Hmmm..I guess it's like trying on a new outfit...and you're not sure yet if it's for you. I'll get used to it. 
Sad thoughts come and go, but I brush them away: The best thing is to see the babies come into our lives. Will I see them get pretty grown up? Hoping so. 
Will they know that even while they were busy with their activities, school and friends, I was thinking of them and praying for their safety? (even as they begin to run full-force into their own lives) 
Being retired means not chasing after that paycheck, which I did for decades, putting up with some awful bosses along the way. Whew! So glad that's over. It also means that I have my own time schedule now. I can stay up as late as I want to, go where I want whenever I want. 
It kind of brings you back to the kind of freedom you had as a kid, before you had to dash off to school, and later to work. Just a handful of years of freedom on both ends of your life, I guess. 
Many of my classmates never reached this age. Some had major accomplishments and I've had few. But I'm still being given extra time to get some things I guess 66 is pretty good.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ANOTHER Super Bowl win!

How exciting it was to see my grandson's team capture the Super Bowl champion title for the second year in a row!  
These kids are now 11-12 years of age and they did a great job!  

Everyone was cheering them on and wore their orange colors!   Congratulations Taunton Tigers!

Thanksgiving and pie-making

When I was a little girl, I remember my father's mother always liked to bake.
When you'd go in her house, it was always HOT in there!  She had a small house and the heat from the oven--whew!
But it always smelled good because she had been baking something---banana bread, cake, pie, whatever.

She gave me some tips that I still remember to this day about pie making:

She reminded me to try not to handle the pie dough too much.  The more you work it, handle it, the tougher the crust will become.
She said that it's just the opposite of working with bread dough.  When kneading bread dough, the more you knead it and work with it, the better it is.   So, just enough forming the pie dough into a ball would be the best way.

After sprinkling flour on your surface, she instructed me to put a little flour on the rolling pin, also, to prevent sticking.
When rolling out the pie dough, it is tempting to just roll it back and forth.
She instructed me to NEVER do this.
She showed me how to start from the middle of the flattened ball of dough, and keep rolling outwards from the center of the dough.

When the dough seems like a large enough circle, you can put your pie plate over it to measure.  Make sure your circle is a couple of inches larger than your pie plate.  You have to allow for it to dip down into the pie plate, and also to make a crust, which you pinch between your fingers.

I did that this year; but also used a more modern technique, which is a real time-saver.

Seriously, both kinds of pies were delicious.

Sick & Well

Yes, that's been the story of my life for the past several months!

During August, I contracted bronchitis.  It seemed like I struggled with that for weeks.
Finally one night I dozed off in my bed, feeling very congested.
I remember that it was extremely muggy that night.
I sat up, realizing that I couldn't breathe.

All I could think of was my uncle, who always had breathing problems, with  asthma.  It's strange, because I only think of him once in awhile; but when I ran into the bathroom and gasped and tried to get some air into my lungs, I thought of how he must have suffered.
I felt that after one big cough when I got up, my throat was totally blocked.

I tried breathing little puffs of air into my nose, mouth.....just kept trying.
Finally I got a little bit of air into me.  I really thought that I was a goner.

My husband took me to the nearby hospital where I received a breathing treatment and steroids and a prescription for an inhaler.

Boy, was I in a mess!
I followed the instructions and then went to see my primary care provider 3 days later.

After scheduling a regular check up later, I had a chance to get stronger and go for my mammogram, lab tests and have a chance to correct some bad eating habits.
I determined that I would take in much more of fruits and veggies and stay away from any snacks, fried foods--anything detrimental.
Well, upon going back for my check up, I had lost 8 pounds, my blood pressure was normal, and I was happy to find that my tests were fine.
I am continuing on with my "healthier eating" plan.    When you reach a certain age, I think you can't get away with as much as far as cheating---cheating on your healthy diet, and cheating death.

It's pretty easy.

An Update!

Earlier I had posted a picture of "Little Miss No Name" who had entered my back yard, looking starved and frightened.

Since then, I fed her and got her strength built up.

After that I called or visited a total of 14 shelters, with no success.  Most declare themselves "no kill" shelters, and sadly, some don't hold to that premise.

I finally stopped in and asked a friend if she could help me.
She did!

The beautiful kitten got spayed, received her innoculations and found a great new home!
I prayed for this all to work out and I am aware of the thousands who don't have a future....but all I can do it try to help one at a time.