Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ACCIDENTAL Reunion of classmates

So, my friend from high school visits every year or so, coming back to MA from Orlando.  We decided to visit the Canova Italian Restaurant in Attleboro, MA for some authentic Italian food.  We've been there a few times in the past when she visited.
As we walked in, we passed a table occupied by two women who were looking at their menus.  We both realized that we recognized one of them from our North Attleboro High School days. (the 1960s!)
With Facebook, we have seen many updates and photos concerning our former school mates, so that made it easier.
They asked us to sit with them, which we did, and caught up on happenings in their lives, other classmates' stories, and their occupations and lives over the years.
Left to right: Jeanne (Gracie) Doucette, North Attleboro, MA; Sheila (Reilly) MacDonald, Orlando, FL, me, Taunton, MA and then Marilyn Kinney Levesque of West Palm Beach, FL.

UPDATE: Sadly, Marilyn on the right, passed on less than 8 months after this accidental reunion.  While we were having lunch, she told us of her health problems and that she was awaiting a kidney transplant.  RIP Marilyn.