Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden time

Here's my mother, who is 91 yrs. old.  I brought her over last week so that she could see how great my garden is growing.

Baby avocado tree

Well, here's the plant that grew from that avocado seed that I planted in my kitchen window.  It seems to be adjusting well to the great outdoors.
Too bad in the Fall I will have to transplant it and bring it back inside.  Hmmmm...must start thinking ahead about that.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby Laurie Got Married

Well, we can remember waiting for her to be born.  She was born to our next door neighbors and we anticipated her birth, as did her family and the rest of the neighborhood.
Since we had a Lori at our house, we dubbed her "Baby Laurie" so that we wouldn't confuse whom we were talking about (or to).
Yesterday we went to her wedding, which was held at the Bradley Estate in Canton, a rich older home set on miles of rolling hills and green land.  Beyond the fence there, we spied a couple of llamas roaming around, too.
Laurie was escorted down the aisle in the outdoor ceremony, by her father, who handed her and all of her lovliness over to her intended, Steven.
The ceremony was performed by an Assembly of God pastor and the wedding vows were meaningful and endearing.  Suddenly, she became Mrs. K.
She looked like a model in her beautiful gown and he looked very handsome.  A nice couple, indeed.
They had rented the Bradley Estate until 10 at night, with everyone enjoying the drinks and catered food, dancing and celebration.
We told Baby Laurie that we will continue to call her "Baby" until she has a baby of her own someday, then we will call her baby "Baby".
We'll just never get away from that name now.